Rarely… are we ever asked this

As kids, it’s a typical question.  As adults, and especially as business owners, not so much.

As a result, we often follow what others want for us, for our lives and for our businesses.

In this video, I invite you to ask a simple question… then be bold enough to step into the answer.

See video for more…  Would love to hear your thoughts.




  1. Thanks Allison! Great, Yet, profound message to embrace this morning! How true it is, rarely are we asked what we want as adults. WOW! Something to ponder and remember.

    • Same here Natasha. I pondered that one for quite some time realizing that I had never really been asked but also realizing that it’s something I need to continue asking as my business grows and as my life evolves. Because the answer does change as we grow.

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